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Individual Tax Returns

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As your local personal income tax return agents, we believe strongly in business-to-client relationships. Our experience and training allow us to get the best outcomes for all your accounting and taxation requirements.

Do you have an inquiry or want to talk to a professional regarding individual tax returns?

Our accountants at Tax Delivery fight hard to guarantee that you as a client are informed of what you can claim in your individual tax return to maximise your tax refund or minimise your tax payable. 


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Up to 1h consultation over the phone

$165 (Inc. GST)


Up to 1h consultation in our office

$175 (Inc. GST)


Up to 1h consultation at your property

$195 (Inc. GST)


Vehicle Logbook – $35
Capital Gain – $45
Fee From Refund Service – $25

* More complex circumstances than normal could result in a price increase. The price will be confirmed at the appointment.


Frequently Asked Questions

The deadline for lodging your income tax return is the 31st of October every year.

There are many benefits to lodge your individual tax return with a professional tax agent. These involve:

  • Registered Tax Agents like Tax Delivery deal with individual tax returns every day and pick up on anything you may otherwise have missed. Withholding information from your tax return, unintentional or not, can have unwanted and severe outcomes.
  • Utilising a registered tax agent takes the pressure away from individual tax returns.
  • The lodgement due date for your individual tax return is increased from the 31st of October to the 15th of May in the subsequent year.
  • Your accountant will advise your current tax status and suggest various ways to properly invest your money or lower your taxation accountability.

Lodging your individual tax return with Tax Delivery is not the end of our involvement with you as a tax agent. In addition, we are ready throughout the year to assist you with general support concerning taxation matters that may occur.

Individual Tax Returns

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