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Our dedicated organisation of SMSF accountants and superannuation services professionals give expert guidance about the tax benefits of superannuation and will oversee you every step of the way with your self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF).

At Tax Delivery, we can give, through our Australian superannuation services, specialist advice that will assist you in effectively managing the compliance of the Superannuation Industry Act. 

That said, SMSFs are not for everyone and should solely be considered when the fund is of a suitable substance. If you would like any more information as to whether it may be of profit to you or not, please do let us know. Talk to one of our SMSF accountants today.

How can we help?

Setting up an SMSF doesn’t have to be complicated. If you are ready to establish an SMSF, Tax Delivery & Accounting Solutions can attend to all aspects of the set up and aministration process. 

We can take care of everything from ordering your super fund deed and establishment documents (Membership Applications, Trustee Consent forms, etc).

SMSF Administration (manage the day-to-day running of your fund and meet your reporting and administrative obligations).

To achieve the best tax benefits and advice on getting started, contact us about setting up an SMSF. We make the process easy, compliant and designed with your risk investment profile in mind.


Hassle-Free SMSF services

Our hassle-free SMSF service maintains all your SMSF needs monthly and offers real-time reporting and skilful accounting advice to assure tax minimisation and SMSF compliance.

There is a number of benefits to this month-end processing:
– Gives visibility on how your super is doing, especially with investments and fields managed by various people
– Enables you to make knowledgeable decisions on the direction you would like to take your fund, based on real-time data rather than the last fiscal year’s records.
– Reduces delays when placing a pension or lump sum withdrawals as accounts are up to date
– Helps to maintain what contributions you have made throughout the year and stops you from making too many contributions and landing in trouble
– Enables our team to decrease the number of queries at year-end and to catch any potential compliance problems that may occur.

This indicates that your annual tax compliance can be concluded quickly after year-end, giving you quick access to member balances and minimum pensions for the subsequent year.

We can check for business name availability and register your company name officially. Our knowledge and experience give us the ability to assist you in giving your new startup the best possible chance of succeeding with solid foundations and the best business accounting and taxation advice you can receive in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

SMSFs are a trendy alternative to regular superannuation funds. The main motivations for starting up these DIY funds incorporate greater control and flexibility to invest in specific assets. These are customised wealth creation and succession channels that can give tax-effective income streams to people at retirement age.

They have a low tax rate of 15 per cent, giving strong tax incentives to investors and business owners needing to take a more aggressive role in preparing for retirement. While the setup of your SMSF can be quite easy, meeting ongoing compliance and legal responsibilities needs significant knowledge and professional superannuation advice in Australia.

Ordinarily, SMSFs with balances below $500,000 have lower returns following expenses and tax than funds governed by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) (Source: 

However, this is based on the fact that most accounting firms will charge between $2,000 to $4,000 to undertake the administration of the SMSF. Our affordable fees, give an edge on funds with a balance below $500,000 and teherefore give the opportunity for anyone to start a SMSF. 

  • Have comprehensive control over your retirement portfolio.
  • Have improved investment options and flexibility.
  • Possibly reduce administration fees.
  • Acquire an investment property leveraging your super fund.
  • Manage or abolish Capital Gains Tax.
  • Pool your superannuation assets with an associate or family.
  • Control who profits from your estate.