Taxation & Accounting Services 

About us


A Certified, Practising Tax and Accounting Firm

Tax Delivery & Accounting Solutions is a Certified Practising Accounting firm specialising in the lodgment of tax returns for individuals and in accounting services for small to medium businesses. We provide services throughout Australia.

We give our absolute best to make sure you are getting valuable services that you can trust and rely on. We pride ourselves in our professional, reliable and approachable work ethic.

Our history

We have over the years, obtained extensive experience and training to provide our clients with the best services possible. We have managed multiple small and large projects on multiple different business levels. 

Our vision

Being a small firm that is currently operational in Australia, we provide quality services that our clients can trust. We also make it a point of duty to build a strong relationship with our clients. 

Over the years, we have been commended as being reliable, straightforward and trustworthy. We also aspire to expand and put our company name on the map by being renowned for our dedication and commitment to every single one of our clients.

You can contact us today and we will take the stress of lodging your tax return correctly away.

Our aim

Our aim is to deliver your best tax return along with our goal to make sure that your return is lodged correctly according to the Tax office regulations.

We offer up to 1-hour consultation, free tax advice, templates and tips to record your expenses more efficiently. We also provide year-around support and contact directly the ATO on your behalf when necessary.

Finally, we also offer services in Mandarin and French as some of our accountants have dual citizenship.